Thinking Too Much: Emotional Mastery

The best way to respond to a feeling is not by thinking about it, it is to feel the emotion, allow yourself to really feel it.

We create the emotions inside us. Is there a story that comes with this emotion? When feeling frustrated, is the story that he doesn't care about me? What ever the story is that we have created is what we are reacting to.

When we take responsibility for our emotions and realize that no one does an emotion to us, we have options on how to deal with the words and actions which effect us.

We all have in common an innate kindness,love and compassion which is apart of being human. We are working with current situations which have influence and can set off our negative and troubling emotions.

There are 6 steps available to help you learn to take responsibility, create control and healing within your emotional states.

Remember you create your emotions, you choose how you feel in reference to others and their actions.

I will be hosting a workshop in the near future on Emotional Mastery

If you are interested in learning more please contact me.

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