Limiting beliefs are beliefs that you accept as truth that limit you in some way. The limiting belief could be about you, about other people or about the world.

According to Wikipedia, a belief is a state of mind where a person thinks something to be the case without there being empirical evidence to prove that it is the case with factual certainty.

Beliefs are not necessarily true and they are not facts. Limiting beliefs can affect your life by:

  • holding you back from making different choices in your life

  • keeping you from seeing different opportunities

  • keeping you stuck on the negative aspects of your circumstances.

Limiting beliefs come from many places: parents, teachers, coaches (sports), media and culture, as well as any other influence in your life.

We take on limiting beliefs mostly from our childhood. They are formed by repeated thoughts created from interactions with the people around us. Because things are said when we are children -- and because our brains are not fully developed -- we are unable to distinguish what is true and what is not. (This is not to assign blame to those who inadvertently said something that led to a limiting belief.)

Here are some limiting beliefs: I don't have enough money, I am unworthy, I'm not (blank) enough, I don't deserve it, I can't do it, I don't have enough (blank). All these thoughts can hold you back from living a life of abundance and happiness.

The challenge is that most of us either don't think we have them or don't know they exist, as they are hard to recognize.

Learning how to overcome limiting beliefs once you are able to identify them is the solution to creating a life you want and love.

From my heart to yours.








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